Kyiv Art Week


The project concept
Ukrainian Art Week is an international exhibition of contemporary art, representing authors from around the world.
The exhibition is held twice a year since 2009, and includes a broad representation of artists, graphic artists, sculptors, photographers, masters of arts and crafts and designers.

World Geography project "Art Week - ArtWeek"
The project is included in the International Consortium of art exhibitions and festivals, which coordinates and develops a network of art weeks (ArtWeek). The founder of the Art Week is the European Union of Artists. More details can be found (including become a member) on the "European Artistic Union" (
In 2009-2015, the Consortium brought together international exhibitions such as Art Week in Italy / Art Week in Italy / (Rome), Art week in Germany (Berlin), Russian Art Week (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Art week in England / Art Week in Great Britain (London), Week of Arts in Slovenia / Art Week in Slovenia (Ljubljana), Week of Arts in Luxembourg / Art Week in Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Belarusian Week of Arts (Minsk), Week of Art in Poland / Art Week in Poland (Warsaw), Week of Art in Bulgaria / Art Week in Bulgaria (Sofia), Week of Arts in Hungary / Art Week in Hungaria (Budapest), Week of Arts in Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Iasi), Week of Arts in Mongolia / Art Week in Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar h.Ulan) Week in Izrayeli Arts / Art Week in Israel (h.Tel Aviv), Art week in China / Art Week in China (Beijing), Art week in India / Art Week in India (h.Nyu Delhi), etc.
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Goals and Objectives
The main objective of the project - to create conditions for multifaceted presentation of new authors - painters, graphic artists, painters, sculptors, photographers and designers - wide audience of spectators and experts, critics and patrons of art, show creativity of a new generation of masters of art. For most participants it from participating in the Week of Art, a new round of professional growth, as well as provides an opportunity to present their work not only in the exhibition but also in the competition to be assessed members of the Expert Council (jury), among which are professionals of art and culture to be represented in foreign countries.
The project is international. It involved more than 15 countries.
Participants and winners presentation organized tours to foreign countries.

Exhibition and Competition Program weeks Art.
All participants of Art Week are able to not only be represented at the famous art venues (exhibition program), but at the same time participate in the competition program of the 7 contests:
1) International painting contest
2) International competition schedules
3) International Sculpture Contest
4) International photo contest
5) International competition of applied arts and
6) International Design Competition
7) International Competition of textiles

Expert Council (jury)
The organizing committee creates two warehouses Expert Council: national jury, composed of experts from the countries and cities where Art Week is held, and the international jury, composed of experts from other countries. National and international jury assessed in the exhibition work independently of each other, forming an objective rating of the art facilities.
Expert advice formed under the professional interests of members of the jury, thus providing professional opinion on each separate competition program - painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, design.

Education program (workshops).
An important part of Art Week is of great educational cycle, which includes workshops, lectures, round tables and open-air. In educational programs involving national and foreign specialists - teachers, critics, art historians, owners and directors of art galleries, representatives of the media.
In these programs, participants receive current and accurate information on creative and economic issues, acquainted with the know-how of leading professionals involved in briefings and interviewing.

In the period from 2012 to 2016 art exhibitions and qualifying rounds for the international project Art Week will be held in 20 countries, which will give a start in life is not one hundred talented Ukrainian writers.